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Must see Telugu movies of the Decade (2001-2010)

In developing ‘My Top Telugu Movies of the Decade’, I knew there was no way I could rank my movies from 1st to 25th.  Any attempt would be futile.  How do I pit my favorite comedy against my favorite action? I instead organized them by year of release. Not only does this relieve the pressure of ranking each one, but emphasizes the time and context of its release.

I know that this list is completely subjective. It is not the ’25 best ever’, it is simply my favorites and recommendations. Chances are, there are a couple films here that you disliked or were greatly disappointed in. But again these are my favorites and recommendations.

Movie Year
Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav 2001
Murari 2001
Khushi 2001
Manmadhudu 2002
Indra 2002
Santosham 2002
Idiot 2002
Missamma 2003
Tagore 2003
Shankar Dada MBBS 2004
Varsham 2004
Anand 2004
Arya 2004
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana 2005
Atadu 2005
Chatrapathi 2005
Bommarillu 2006
Aa Naluguru 2006
Pokiri 2006
Sri Ramadasu 2006
Chandamama 2007
Happy Days 2007
Gamyam 2008
Magadheera 2009
Arundathi 2009
Ye  Maya Chesave 2010
Leader 2010
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  1. godavari ???????

  2. Yes Godavari Can be included It is really a good moive

  3. its so sad. why shouldn’t we include VEDAM movie. its awesome and best movie.

  4. in my view vedam is da best telugu movie….

  5. darling,mr.perfect,badrinath,arya 2 ?????????????

  6. Jalsaaaa???

  7. Simhadri:yamadonga:aadhi

  8. Simhadri aadi yamadonga aregoodmovies

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